Our Company was founded by the Cav. Luigi Metelli in 1946.
The production of aggregates started in 1960, followed by the one of ready-mixed concrete in 1968, while it was only in 1978 that the company started working in the road construction sector. In the same year, after the death of its founder, the company passed on to the three children, Fiorella, Giuseppe and Domenico. Since 1979, Giuseppe and Domenico took on the leadership.

The Luigi Metelli Spa employs over 100 people and operates nationally. Furthermore, it has qualification certificates for the execution of public works, both 0G3 level VI and VIII level 0S1. Over the years, the company has adapted its structure to the changes in the environment, implementing changes and updates both in the company and in its plants to meet the growing demand for quality in the market. The Luigi Metelli Spa is a technologically advanced company and periodic checks on the processing cycles both during the sales and the management phase ensure that all products placed on the market are of the highest quality. Currently, the vehicles used by the company is of the highest order – over 100 vehicles (mixers, pumps, excavators, loaders, dump trucks, tractor-trailers, trucks, work vehicles) guarantee great production supported by daily quality checks. The Luigi Metelli Spa also features transport permits for third parties.