The Luigi Metelli Spa manufactures and distributes the Quartzite from Barge at the production site on the slopes of Monviso (Cuneo).
This type of stone, by its very nature, is further enhanced by the work of mining and processing activities carried out manually even today thanks to the knowledge and skill of the quarrymen and stone masons from Barge who hand down their experience from generation to generation. The result is the “gap” from which we get the pieces which are both thinner and more uniform in thickness and tone, but always featuring different nuances and details. It is these features that make “The Bargiolina” a sought-after natural stone, ideal for building and coating for those who still want to achieve and live in an original, personal, unalterable, and incomparable way, unchanged by trends and marked by nature.
Even when used over time, “The Bargiolina” remains unchanged, waterproof, frost-proof and with excellent resistance to fire, acids, and salt air, even when exposed to the elements for hundreds of years.
Lines inspired by the properties of this stone can also be found in the Code Manuscript G by Leonardo da Vinci, preserved in the Archive Nationale de Paris.


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