The quarry is located in the town of Trevi, only a few kilometers from the cities of Foligno, Spoleto, and Perugia, and it is spread over an area of approximately 30 acres, all owned by the company. The volume of the vein is around 30 million cubic meters. Currently, the excavation has been ensured by a project approved by the municipality of Trevi and the Region of Umbria for a total of mc. 2.5 million. Furthermore, the plants in the quarry have recently been renovated and adapted through a substantial investment in order to best comply to the environmental legislation on dust emissions and noise. All production is carried out in maximum safety for its employees. All work is backed up by CCTV cameras. The daily quantity osf inert materials for construction, prefabrication and pre-packaging of concrete is about 4000 tons. of which about 90%, divided into various sizes, has a diameter ranging from 0 to 25 mm. The material is massif calcium carbonate dating back to the Lower Jurassic (Lias 1) and the title of CaCo2 is of a little less than 100%, absolutely frost proof and with a crush resistance of about 1500 Kg. / sqcm which ensures excellent performance in any sector of use.