Cookie Policy

Data Controller

Luigi Metelli SpA

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+39 0742 391111

Purpose of the processing

Our website uses cookies, text files sent from the website to the user’s terminal (usually to the browser), where they are stored. There are various types of cookies as explained below.

Technical cookies operate in a completely anonymous way to improve the use of the website and memorize some choices.

Statistical (or analytical) cookies allow for the collection and analysis of anonymous information about your browsing behaviour. By using analytical cookies, Luigi Metelli SpA and third parties obtain statistical data, monitor sessions, and store information on the use of the website. Thanks to some technical precautions, these cookies, just like technical cookies, do not allow the collection of your personal information, do not try to connect your IP address to your identity, and are not used in any way for marketing purposes.

Processing Methods

In particular, the website uses various types of cookies with different functions:

Technical and Analytical/Statistical Cookies

  • To remember some preferential choices made by the user regarding the browsing interface such as language or font size, technical browsing cookies allow the user to find the preferred settings whenever the website is accessed.
  • Third-party cookies such as Google Analytics collect and process your browsing data, addresses in URI notation of the requested resources, the request time, the size of the file obtained in response in order to process anonymous statistical information on the use of the website (pages visited, duration of sessions, geographical area of origin, use of the website, etc.) and to verify the correct functioning of the same; in the case of Google Analytics, we have disabled the sharing of information with Google and have activated the anonymisation of the IP address.

These technical and analytical/statistical cookies used do not allow the collection of your personal information, do not try to connect your IP address to your identity, and are not used in any way for marketing purposes.

For more information on Google Analytics go to:


Storage period

With the purpose of guaranteeing browsing and providing the services offered by the website, technical cookies are stored in devices that the user uses to connect to the website, and they may remain within the device after browsing to be used for subsequent access.

For third-party analytical/statistical cookies, as in the case of Google Analytics, the data, collected in anonymous and aggregate form, is stored within Google Analytics for 26 months, to allow us to compare statistics during that period.

Obligation to Provide Data

Technical cookies are files used to ensure the correct functioning of the website; therefore, these cookies are required for adequate browsing.

Data Subjects Categories

All visitors to the website.

Data Recipient Categories

External SEO companies, suppliers of analytical/statistical cookies (data transmitted anonymously, therefore no personal data attributable to the user is extracted).

Legal Basis

Processing for technical and analytical purposes of anonymous data, with the obscuration of the IP address and without sending of the user’s personal data to third parties.

Dissemination to Third Parties

External SEO companies, Google Analytics as a platform for consulting statistics, but without disseminating data to Google (in any case, the data collected and sent is always anonymous).

Automated decision-making processes and profiling

There is no automated decision-making or profiling process.

Transfer of Data Outside of the EU

Personal data will not be transferred outside of the EU.

Rights of the Data Subjects

The data party can exercise the following rights at any time:

  • The right to know and rectify the data being processed (in any case, data is collected in anonymous form)
  • The right to limit or revoke the processing by blocking cookies in your browser
  • The right to lodge a complaint with the Data Protection Authority with the form available on the website of the latter found at